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For example, Cancer: "I feel". Kepler: Johann Kepler, born in Weil, Wurtemburg, Germany on December 27, was a famous astrologer who became the father of modern astronomy. Kite : A Grand Trine with one of the planets making an opposition to a fourth planet which in turn makes sextile aspects to the two others of the Grand Trine. Latitude Celestial : Measurement of distance of any planet or star north or south of the ecliptic.

The Sun never has any latitude. Latitude Terrestrial : Degree of distance of any place north or south of the Earth's equator. Leo: This regal sign is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun. The exaltation of Pluto. Leo's symbol is the lion. Libra: The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is the sign most concerned with relationships.


Cardinal and Airy. Ruled by Venus. The exaltation of Saturn. Libra's symbol is the scales, or balance. There is as well an asteroid called Lilith. In mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, formed like him from the earth, rather than from his rib, like Eve. Logarithms: Tables by which when a planet's motion is known its position at a given time may be readily calculated. Long Ascension Signs of long ascension take longer to ascend than others.

Long and short ascension are reversed in the southern hemisphere. Longitude Terrestrial : Distance in degrees, minutes and seconds of any place east or west of Greenwich, England.

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Also measured in hours, minutes and seconds. Lunar Mansions : 27 traditional sectors nakshatras of the zodiac, where the Moon spends her time on a day by day basis.

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This system is mainly used today in Indian Vedic astrology. Lunation : A lunar period, measured from one place in the zodiac until the Moon's return thereto. For example, the time taken by the Moon from one conjunction with the Sun until the next, 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds, is called a synodical lunation. Lunation is also used to describe different aspects of the Moon to the Sun, thus accounting for her phases. The New Moon is also called a Lunation. A chart made for the moment the Moon conjoins the Sun is called a Lunation Chart.

Medium Coeli : One of four major points in the birth chart and is at the top af the chart beginning of the tenth house. It represents public life and reputation. Masculine signs are assertive and self-assured. The point from which time and space is measured. It divides longtitude into east and west.

Sun enters Scorpio

Flexible nature. The natal chart refers to a chart for the time of birth. The strongest factor in a relationship between couples is a link between the Sun and the Moon.

This is usually a strong indicator of marriage and setting up home together. The Moon is the emotion factor in any chart, the place where we build memories and a home of our own. The Sun is our primary goal in life. When we meet someone and fall in love, all emotions are engaged and our primary goal becomes this other person. The two will be in strong aspect, signifying probable marriage, and how that will work out for them depends on the aspects between the two and the signs they are in.

Marriage would be assured. The aspect is a favorable trine, and the signs are compatible. The warm, nurturing character of the Cancerian Moon would find fulfillment looking after the artistic, dream seeking Pisces Sun. A Taurean Moon and a Capricorn Sun would build a wonderful, materially secure life together, while the Libran Moon and the Gemini Sun would be the most sociable couple in their neighborhood.

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This is how planetary attractions play out. The astrologer looks at the planets, which represents the focus of the relationship; the signs, which show the way it works; the aspects, which show if it is going to be easy or challenging; and finally the houses, to see where the couple share values. For example, the Cancerian Moon in the Fifth house will want children — the Piscean Sun in the Twelfth may be more interested in making a network of friends.

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The Fifth House Cancerian Moon would want to be a loving parent, even a smothering one, while the Eleventh House Pisces Sun would want to be a friend to the children. If there is a challenging aspect between the Sun and the Moon between your charts, then there will be tension in regards to the emotional make up of the Moon, and the goals of the Sun. For example, if our Cancerian Moon fell in love with a Libran Sun, he or she would quite literally be all at sea. The Libran Sun is sociable and outgoing; the Cancerian Moon is focused on home and domestic matters. The Libran is Air, the Cancerian is water.

It could get stormy! If the Cancerian Moon picks an Aries, there could be even more trouble. This is fire and water, and the emotional Moon will be trying to calm the fires of the Arian Sun — with little success, since this is what drives an Arian Sun. If the positions were reversed, and the Moon was in Aries, the Cancerian Sun could find those powerful fiery emotions too hot to handle. After all, the Cancerian Sun just wants a quiet life. But both Sun and Moon have to compromise, and employ a lot more give and take.

Sometimes a stressful connection can be turned to advantage. The wife of Hector.

see url Admetus won her hand in marriage when he beat the challenge her father set. When fates. Apollo—in bondage to Admetus for slaying a cyclops—yokes together a lion and proprioception: that of the chest, particularly the heart in astrology, Leo rules. Dominants He appeared on stage in various musicals, including Cats as Admetus and Macavity. Hieroglyphics character sign Zodiac sign Leo.