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The Mayan Zodiac Reveals Secret Personality Traits

He provided protection against darkness, drought and disease. Those born under this sign tend to be natural healers. Sadly, whether you heal others with soothing words or as a trained practitioner, your efforts are not noted. To make it worse, your doubtful personality often surfaces, meaning you could never help anyone in an emergency. You either have to learn to trust yourself in your decisions and the decisions of those around you, or change your career and lead a basic lifestyle where you have to make little or no decisions allowing your inner indecisive beast to prosper.

Mayan sign Mol: December 13th to January 1st. Those born under the sign of Mol are associated with the cardinal element of water. Pay close attention to how the weather patterns make you feel. Your strength is associated with water and rainfall. After all, there is a leader waiting to be unleashed.

PS: If you sit in a bathtub too long, you may turn into a mermaid. You are supposed to do thoroughly beastly things.

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The hours past dusk and before the first light are the power hours for you. Your connection to the lunar energies can make you seem a bit crazy, but what the hell, wear moonstone and enhance it, may as well. Tap into the forces of the night and use this energy to develop yourself fully. Mayan sign Yax: January 22nd to February 10th. Venus is your ruling planet and by nature you are gentle and loving and you can bring harmony to those around you.

It is a great gift to be a peacekeeper. Be sure to pick the correct tools of persuasion.

Mayan sign Sak: February 11th to March 2nd. Sak sign people are made for the day hours. Frogs can make a quick and effortless jump from one stage of consciousness to the next. Embrace the leap that is to come early this year. Just make sure the leap into another stage of consciousness is triggered by the frog in you and not by alcohol.

Mayan sign Keh: March 3rd to March 22nd. People born during the Keh sign period tend to think they have an affinity for nature and natural balance. Despite having the energy of fire, you believe you can help restore natural order to our planet. However, should you not score an opportunity to become a dictator or a ruler, find other ways to let your fiery nature be known. Meditation in forests will help you develop your natural power.


The Mystique of Mayan Astrology – A Pura Vida Perspective

Your cardinal direction is east. Mayan sign Mak: March 23rd to April 11th. The Mak sign is one of the most mysterious signs of the Mayan astrology. This means you are a mystery as well.

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You do best when you keep yourself back from others and never tell your business to anyone. You have an affinity for both the planet beneath your feet and for the strong solar energies of the sun. In other words, what the hell are you doing reading this horoscope? You should be sunbathing on a beach! Spend time under the solar rays and you will discover not only a healthy tan but also some wisdom. Spend time in and on the earth. Let us know how it goes. Mayan sign Muwan: May 2nd to May 21st. Fire and water are your two elements, which must be embraced.

Thunderstorms when both fire and water are present in the form of rain and lightning are the power source for you. Your animal totem is the Owl, also known by Mayans as the moan bird. Owls have great vision. They are seers who can detect the truth around them. If you ever struggle recognising a liar, try standing naked in the rain or better so a thunderstorm and keep your eyes open.

Mayan sign Pax: May 22nd to June 10th. Pax sign people have the animal totem Jaguar. Jaguars represent leadership. Normally, your personal strengths would lie in being the leader of the people. Thunderstorms are empowering times for you as both fire and water are present in the forms of rain and lightning. Embrace these elements. Use these leadership qualities to your advantage in both your professional and personal life. Traits: An inquisitive soul, you are always seeking deeper spiritual meanings in events in your life.

Turtle is your spirit animal, and have an affinity for the moon. Traits: You were born to survive in any situations, just like crocodiles, also your power animal, survived extinction in Mesozoic era when dinosaurs went extinct. You resist change, but when it occurs you take it in your stride and just get on with it. Mayans did not do anything auspicious during this time. Strengthen this connection by digging deep into your spiritual side. Traits: Reflecting qualities of a jaguar, you are a born leader with a sensitive heart. You encourage people to accomplish their goals, guide them on the right path and still stay sensitive to how they feel in different situations.

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Since you are an Earth child, deepen your connection by doing grounding meditations. Traits: A mystical soul, you are guided by your inner instincts especially in the night. You also share similar animal totem, frog like Sac sign. You are swift and can switch consciousness levels quite easily. Traits: Deriving grace from deer and dominance from stag, you love the forest and open-air places. You are a confident person, but in case of trouble or imbalances in life, your instinctive reaction is to escape from the situation and only come back when you feel calm.

Deepen your awareness by spending time in nature.

Mayan Zodiac Signs - Which One Are You? | Wishing Moon

Traits : The bat and the fish are two animal totems belonging to this sign, and both move freely through air and water respectively. Air and water are also your elements. You are blessed with deep intuitive power, sensitivity and ability to foresee trouble and go deeper into the subconscious. Traits: This sign is connected to the earth and the sky. So its likely that you are attracted to everything above you like the planets, stars, constellations, or other realms. You are a practical person who can handle murky situations well and find an effective action plan.

Traits: People born in this sign have dog as their animal totem and exhibit qualities like loyal, dedicated, strong and loving. Mayans believed that dogs can guide people to the next life. Similarly, you too have the capacity to transcend the real and enter into your past lives and help those around to release fears of death. Although you like to help others, you yourself can get morose in a negative situation with an inability to come out of it.

Learn to trust your own decisions. Traits: Mol sign is associated with the element of water, which makes rainfall a powerful time for you to draw the energy. As with the Pax and Pop signs, you share Jaguar as the power animal, who is considered as a symbol of strength, courage, and spiritual power. Just like the Jaguar, you have the ability and strength to emerge out of difficult situations and failures in life. References Mayan astrology signs Mayan zodiac. Cause honestly we would rather spend the time and resources to create life changing content, as compared to figuring out how to survive on ad revenue Sign in.

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