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Then there are all the people seeking your advice, inviting you here and there to be part of their vision. I need to ask, what is your vision of success? Because success calls to you in many guises. Review all actions, choices made, things produced, brought to flower, people spoken with, promises made, dreams that did or did not come true.

Consider what was happy then and what would be joyful in the coming year. Notice the different word—happy and joyful. A new year brings new endeavors. What would you like to happen? LE0: New people, new confidence, new groups eventually beckon to you, extending invitations. Friendships blossom and you find yourself mingling and networking, interacting and sharing. Are you avoiding anyone?

Cancer: Your Love Quality

Step into their world, learn who they are, what they like and need. Hopes, wishes and dreams fill your mind and heart. Create a Hope, Wishes and Dreams journal. Something deep and profound occurs with someone close. Ask loved ones for help. They can be of great benefit if you are kind and grateful. Be focused, determined and analytical with finances.

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However, should we be aware of each moment, they begin to feel like blessings. This conscious perception of time allows us to be more authentic, spontaneous and free. For the next year, be careful with diet, eating only what vitalizes and is touched by the Sun. It will make you explore all areas of the arts. This builds a new sense of identity. Careful of illusion if entering a new love affair.

You might find yourself with many tasks to perform this summer. Protect your hands and arms with gloves. Check the car, too.

William Meader on Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Plant a garden of herbs. That dark night of the soul approach is exhausting. Certain situations at home seek detailed attention, tending and organizing. Give away everything not used in the past months. Someone else needs them. In the coming year, self-confidence, self-reliance, and the ability to know more of yourself and your abilities will emerge, expand, and fill you with self-assurance, poise, dignity and grace.

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  • Then the world around you becomes a blessing. Afterward, looking back on how you made, used and worked with money and what your values were, you see the changes made. Should you consider investing, land is a lasting and true resource. Love came first, always. A good ethic and value. Too much is uncomfortable. You seek to realize what makes you happy and joyful. A mantram for you.

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    To return here, if your browser takes you away to stream the audio, click "back" button after listening. For full instructions on listening to audio on the SouledOut. Zodiacal Deities examines the conditioning effects upon humanity by the specialized and quite unique energies of the star groups comprising the zodiac. We hold these star groups to be conscious, living entities in whose greater bodies we reside. Traditionally the zodiac is described as the imaginary path of the sun through the heavens. This path "exists" only from our earth's perspective.

    If you were observing the path of our sunfrom another planet or body in space, our sun would appear to "be traveling through" different constellations at different times of the year, to be on an entirely different path through the heavens. This path is largely an illusion but at the same time the 12 zodiacal constellations do exist as great beings, and the streams of energy which pass and repass, intermingle and interlock throughout space are by no means illusions.

    They express eternal cosmic relationships. The vision of these powers and their many weaving lines, seen as rivers and streams of light, is given to the initiate from the mountaintop of Capricorn, once that summit is reached. Those great zodiacal entities who qualify life as we know it imprint their frequencies or harmonic resonance on the various vehicles that comprise a human being.

    Building a House for the Soul. In the constellation Cancer, we find a doorway into incarnation for souls to gain the experience needed for their evolution. All human lives begin here.


    Indeed, no soul escapes the need to incarnate. The crab protects itself within its hard shell, even carrying this defense with it wherever it goes These pincers detangle the astral currents of the mass consciousness of humanity.

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    • Esoteric Astrology – The Journey of the Soul!
    • This extremely sensitive side can be a great detriment for those born under the sign of Cancer, resulting in over-reactiveness, and overly-emotional behavior. Incarnation also forges many bonds: of love, obligation, karmic responsibility.

      Esoteric Astrology: Cancer Quality

      The energy of Cancer rules this commonality of the human experience Ruled by the moon, always the mother of form, Cancer also controls the waters and the tides, representing the astral plane , the realm of feelings and emotions. For the unevolved being, Cancer is all about mass consciousness, the instinctual side of human development, and the opposite of group consciousness. The average Cancer native is immersed in the mass experience where instinct rules and the realm of the subconscious mind and collective imagination; an unconscious part of the great whole.

      Yet at the same time, Cancerians are subject to the urge to lift themselves out of the mass instinctual life and to develop the intuition.

      Esoteric Cancer

      As one becomes more influenced by the light of the Soul, less and less personality reaction is demonstrated, until ultimately emotional reaction is superseded by the life of true and inclusive love indicative of soul control. There are no bright stars in the constellation Cancer, so befitting a sign of retreat and hiding.

      At the very center lies a cluster of stars modern astronomers call the Beehive, perhaps representing the mass consciousness of humanity, the collective mind. In the mythology of the Cancer Labor of Hercules , the legend has Hercules chasing after the doe claimed both by Diana, the huntress of the heavens, and Artemis, goddess of the moon. After searching for a lifetime, he finally brought the deer before the gods to discover it belonged to another yet. The intellect, born out of instinct, is a means to develop this higher quality, the intuitive vision of the Soul.

      For this is a sign of fusion, in this case the fusion of the physical body and the Soul. The different stages of this fusion are reflected, for undeveloped humanity, in the individual unit as blind; in advanced humanity, as the individual awakens to the energies flowing all around them; and in the initiate , we find the awareness of the Whole, seen as one.