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This is the kind of father who may toss his babe high up in the air before catching them again, or toss them in the pool to teach them to swim — much to the chagrin of their possibly more safety-conscious and risk-averse co-parent. An Aries man knows what he wants immediately, and goes after it with zero hesitation.

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This kind of man is often a leaper off of high cliffs, and not always a looker to see what lies down below. With impulsive and idealistic traits, Aries tend to dream big, which means that they can be enterprising entrepreneurs, but many of their endeavors may end up being a flash in the pan. Often pioneers in their field, these fellows are always engaged in an intense race to be number one — to get their invention patented, to get the scoop, or to make their brilliant business idea the first of its kind.

There is a sense of urgency to everything these Rams do, and their success is always defined by their primacy. Aries men make great initiators and extremely hard workers. They will put in a lot of muscle at the beginning of the project, but sometimes lose interest or stamina halfway through, and need support in wrapping things up. Risk-takers and gamblers extraordinaire, and often profligate spenders, Aries men can make others quite nervous with their devil-may-care attitude when it comes to managing money and issues of financial security.

But luck is often on their side, usually helping him come out on top of seemingly impossible situations. Saving funds is not a strong point here, and these guys tend to fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes all too often. A quiet night at home is not the ideal way to woo your Aries man. Surprises of all kinds are welcome here — the Ram is a sign who actually enjoys being caught a little off-guard, and will totally respect you for being able to pull off a surprise party without him finding out.

If you have to get him a gift, an engraved pocketknife or some kind of sports equipment might suit — and he might not tell you, but he usually secretly appreciates designer and name-brand clothing.

Going the extra mile will make him feel special — he wants to feel like he matters, so show him that he does by giving him gifts that are meant for him and him alone. Aries is the sign of the fiery, rebellious personality, so be prepared to expect the unexpected with them — in their interests, personal perspectives, and even in their occasionally flamboyant dress sense. Self-expression is a big deal for these guys, and they will always add their personal signature to whatever they choose as their focus.

Their naturally confident selves goad them to do things their way; when in love with an Aries, you will find that in most cases, they take the initiative to plan and decide things and incredibly enough bring out the most fantastic results.

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This may sometimes make an Aries lover, especially a guy, seem bossy and domineering. Aries women on the other hand go about things with more charm. Instead of pushing ahead with her way she will wait for her partner to come around and considering the magnetic charm of her personality, in all probability you will. However both Aries men and women are alike in believing their way to be the best and sweeping you along with it on an incredible romantic journey. Both men and women of this zodiac need to know that they have the freedom to do whatever they want to.

Seducing an Aries man It is not very difficult to seduce an Aries guy if really likes you.

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Their spontaneous and straightforward natures are only too eager to lead them into romantic adventures which have piqued their interest unlike a say a Scorpio who will keep holding his cards close to his chest and then burst forth in a passionate frenzy. When playing the seduction game with an Aries guy, it is good to remember that no matter how masculine and aggressive, they are actually little children at heart.

What they cannot have immediately, they want it with all more intensity. So make your Aries lover work a little for his desserts. Intrigue him a little about what you have planned up and you will get him all the more excited about the amorous encounter.

At the same time remember not to go overboard with your delaying tactics. Aries tend to get quickly bored and if this guy sees you playing hard-to-get, he may lose interest and move on to where there is more action happening. Seducing an Aries woman An Aries woman can be incredibly attractive which is why she is used to getting her way with men of practically every zodiac sign. So in order to set yourself apart, go a little slow with her and cater to her varied interests before getting her to sleep with you.

Surprise her with a salsa move that you picked up recently or whisk her off to an evening drive to watch the sun set over the sea. But take care not to put her on a pedestal too early on.

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Praise her when she deserves it but also keep in mind that hanging her about for too long might fizzle out her interest in you. Finally both Aries men and women are energetic and passionate lovers. They are quite capable of arousing you with mere words and then delighting in a playful romp in bed.

They are extremely creative, exciting and quite inventive while making love.

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However the thing to remember about Aries lovers is that they more often than not they tend to put their desires first. An Aries guy will promise you the moon before seducing you and then expect you to be thrilled with whatever they have to offer and considering their natural charm, most probably you will. The best thing to do with an Aries guy is to take everything he says with a grain of salt. You know he means it intensely when he says it but it is simply not in his nature to be held to promises made in the past. This wandering streak is also apparent in the Aries woman.