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They are likely to have specific beliefs about life and pursue the ideal represented by those beliefs. If the number 15 is in the personality position of the chart, it means the person tends to present themself as an efficient and effective business person. On the other hand, if the number 15 is in the heart's desire position, it means the person really, really wants to be a successful business person. In the one example position, the essence is translated to how the person tends to presents themself to other people.

In the second, the essence is translated to what the person desires. For more examples of how number meaning is derived from the number's essence, see the article About Numerology Number Meanings. The family and harmony number 15 has other meanings. All meanings of the number 15 are subordinate to the family and harmonious home vibration. The number 15 creates its own rules to accomplish harmony. It's likely to try anything that seems reasonable at least once in order to achieve harmony at home or to further its ideals.

A family or someone to care for or nurture generally is necessary for 15 to feel life is complete.

Numerology – Person Born on the 15th of the Month

If all is according to 15's ideal, then all is pleasant. The number 15 feels responsible for the people it perceives are in its charge. It also feels a responsibility to propagate it's view of how things should be, seeing resistance to accepting its idealism as a challenge to change its approach and try again. Thus, one learns the basic essence of the number 15 is similar to the number 6. The number 15 also contains the essence of its individual digits, 1 and 5.

Emotional characteristics of number 15 people

The intrinsic meaning of the number 15 is an amalgamation of the intrinsic meaning of a the digit the number 15 reduces to, the number 6, and b each of the single digits the number 15 is composed of, the numbers 1 and 5. The 15 essence includes health, healing, and domestic activity. Love, beauty, and comfort are important, but the family is most important of all. It's a caretaker. The number has a sense of adventure and a versatile wit. And there's a determination to express all of ones existence. The number 15's priorities are family harmony and health.

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There is an urge for everything to be ideal, the ideal 15 has evolved as its own. There is responsibility, love, self-sacrifice, protection of family members, sympathy, and compassion. Share this with your friends and followers. Put free numerology readings on your web pages.

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Numerology – Number 15, Fifteen | Numerology Meaning

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If you do, you will find you will start to have all kinds of health-related issues. Number 6 people are usually well liked and find that many people will help them during their lifetime — both professionally and personally. You are also often very psychic and may see auras or even channel spiritual writing or art. You will also find you attract very spiritual people throughout your lifetime. A Number 6 brings with it so much promise — and no matter how long it takes, these promises will always be fulfilled.

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Birthday Number 15 in Numerology: Meaning and Life Mission

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