January 9 super moon horoscope

The energy of the Moon will be strong and powerful, and the supporting cosmic energies will be heightening our sensitivity and making it easier to cross dimensions, tap into our intuition, and receive angelic downloads. This is a time to really connect within, a time to replenish your soul, honor your journey, and to channel your higher self. This is a time to open to the guidance of the Universe, and to allow yourself to be directed whichever way the hand of the Eclipse guides you.

This ritual is a supportive, nourishing one that will help you to do just this. It will help you to open your psychic and intuitive energies, and to download wisdom of the past and future. Set up your ritual as follows- Place the unlit candle on the middle of a table or on your altar. Cleanse your aura first, then your surroundings and the candle. For more specific information on how to cleanse, please read this. I cleanse myself from top to toe, I cleanse myself so I can grow. I release the energy that holds my heart, I release the energy of the dark.

I release this energy so I may shine, I release this energy so I can become mine. I am cleansed, I am clear. I ask my spirit guides to hold me near, for I am cleansed, I am clear. I release and let go of all that no longer serves me. I release and let go of all stagnant energy in this space. I clear and cleanse this space so it may welcome in the magic of the new. I clear and cleanse this space so it may feel light and free.

My space is cleansed. I am whole.

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I am protected. Thank you. Sit or lay down with eyes closed and take 10 deep breaths in and out. Settle your mind and just relax into your body.

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With eyes still closed, do a body scan. Start at your feet and imagine a beautiful golden light traveling up your feet, through each of your toes, and then up your ankles, to your knees, to your pelvic region and so on. Keep following this golden light until it shoots out the top of your head.

Give yourself a big warm hug and take a moment to thank yourself for all your hard work and efforts over the years.

I honor the changes of the season for I have really grown. I ask Mother Moon, my highest self, my angels, and my guides to lead me to my highest path so I may rise.

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I rise up now to all that I have become. I rise up now as strong as the Sun. I ask for guidance, I ask for peace, I ask for this next chapter to bring me release. I ask for love, I ask for money, I ask for purpose, and the courage to follow my heart; to always be guided even when in the dark. I ask for health, I ask for joy, I ask for all to be well. Body, mind, and soul hear my calls.

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My wish is now fulfilled. All is well. Now take your unlit candle and the safety pin and begin by carving a spiral at the bottom of the candle. As you do this, try to get into a relaxed meditative state. Once you have completed your spiral, begin decorating the candle in any way that calls you. You can draw, write words of things you want to release or things you want to bring in, there is no right or wrong, just trust your intuition and decorate the candle in whatever way you wish.

Note: if your candle is in a plain glass jar, you can use a marker to decorate the glass instead if you wish. Take 5 deep breaths and just take a minute to look at your decorated candle. Notice any themes or patterns that have come up for you. Notice what shapes and words you chose to include. Just observe any thoughts or feelings that arise. Now take your candle and light it. Place your hands in prayer position at your heart center and gaze on the flame for a moment.

Take 10 deep breaths here and as you do, imagine you are breathing in the light of the flame.

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Watch and observe all the different colors that make up the flame, feel your body relaxing and your intuition opening as you continue to gaze. With a clear mind, ask your candle a question. What do you want to know?

What you start this month will continue to bring you opportunities throughout the year. With the most support and energy from the Universe, take this time to shine. Try new things, reach out to important contacts. Set those plans in motion, backed up with prayer, meditation and setting intentions. Time to clear negative thinking! You have a lot of positive energy approaching, especially around a job or daily activities.

Be conscious of the beauty and abundance around you, and it will come to your door. Stay open to a blossoming friendship. You may receive an invitation to spend more time with someone you like. Or a person from the past may reach out to you. Your career energy is high. If you already have a position you like, you may be put in charge of an important project as a sign of recognition of your skills.

taylor.evolt.org/diviv-aracena-donde.php You are being noticed now for your leadership so use the power wisely. Happiness comes from exploring your world. If the weather permits, consider a hike. If not, then try a new restaurant and taste something new. This will launch the energy of serendipity, and then, great things can happen. A financial gain is coming your way. Even a small windfall at this time is a good omen for the rest of the year.

Look for pennies from heaven and the dollars will follow.